I am open for business

Jo Leahy - I am open for business

I am so excited to be launching my web site at last – it feels as though it has been gestating for so long that parturition is long overdue.  And it turns out not to be so painful after all!   Sarah, my web designer, has been patiently waiting for my content for weeks now and it is a testament to the power of coaching that her patience has finally been rewarded and the world can see her lovely design. (Thank you, Phil and Alison!)

It is also time for me to stop hiding my transformative light under a bushel and let the rest of the world know that I am open for business and available to accompany clients on their journey towards emotional freedom and serenity.

Summer has come to Shropshire, finally and we are enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Last month’s rain has produced luxuriant growth in the garden so it is a real joy to be outside.  I could almost get used to the idea of not going to Greece this year! 

In fact, realising that any pain I feel from missing my Greek trip is only thought and that I have let go of it is remarkably freeing.  Not that I wouldn’t be off there like a shot if it weren’t for the pandemic but making a decision that, for me, it would be wrong to travel outside the UK this year, has allowed me to  focus on enjoying summer here, re-connect with the friends I haven’t been able to meet up with for so many months, and enjoy my work – coaching, mentoring, and working with my lovely colleagues in the Time for Care Team.  I feel so blessed!

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