Loving Kindness

I feel very conflicted in some ways about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is not that I am not outraged by what is happening, but in the middle of the outrage, I am still able to see that it is my thoughts that are causing the feeling and I am able to return “home” where my calm presence belongs.

It would be easy to get carried away by the “threat” of nuclear war, not really considered since the end of the Cold War, 3 decades ago , but holding on to my story about that will not contribute one way or the other to the outcome. It is only from the sense of calm that I can see what is in my circle of influence, and act on it, and what is outside there, in my circle of concern. Of course, I often find myself forgetting and having a rant, but then I remember!

I am currently part of a practice group for my son, who is training to be a meditation teacher and last week we practiced a form of loving kindness meditation, which will be familiar to many of you reading this. I found myself wondering how many of us would need to be doing this to make an actual difference.

Any ideas?

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