Well-being resources for GPs:

You are not a frog” – brilliant podcast by former GP, now coach, speaker and teacher of resilience, Rachel Morris. The current series of episodes on Complaints and How to Survive Them is particularly good, and Rachel’s web site is excellent. All her resources for doctors carry CPD points with membership of the “Permission to Thrive” community.

The Joyful Doctor
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Make a success of your PCN with the support of Tara Humphrey by listening to her award-winning podcast, The Business of Healthcare. This is a really useful podcast, combining inspiring interviews with relevant health care professionals and managers with sound advice that we all need to hear e.g. “How to Create Effective Meetings.”

Espresso-sized podcasts to wake you up to your deepest potential on the Caffeine for the Soul podcast with Michael Neill, author of the Inside Out Revolution and many other inspiring titles. A short burst of inspiration from my teacher to start every week.

The Rewilders, Angus and Rohini Ross, have produced an amazing podcast about relationships, Rewilding Love. The first 18 (yes, 18!) take us through their relationship work with a young couple, Alicia and Matteo, and it is really gripping! Angus and Rohini believe that there is no relationship in which the love can’t be “rewilded”, and listening to the way that they interact with their clients and with each other, it is difficult not to believe them. “Relax and enjoy the show!”

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"Spending hours trying to think your way out of your problems is like walking east looking for a sunset - no matter how smart you are and no matter how hard you're willing to work, it's never going to happen that way."
Michael Neil